THE OBLIGATORY BIO : ... the truth is I'm uncomfortable with words and prefer to have the pieces speak for themselves.

The raw facts are that I'm an Art Welder in Victoria BC, on the West Coast of Canada. I grew up out here, and it's a beautiful place.

Have a look through the gallery.

FINISHES : I use real and faux finishes, as well as the extremely durable powder coat paints.

The true rust finishes have a wonderful variety of textures and shades. I use specific methods for the different results, but there is still enough natural variation that closely-matching pieces should be finished together. The rust surfaces are then set by sealing them under a clear-coat for interior display. I also do raw rusted pieces that are meant to continue changing with time.

INSTALLATION : All pieces meant as wall hangings have stout attachment points. The mirrors have a steel cable across the back like a regular painting. The sculptural pieces have holes placed just below small notches. You hold the piece against the wall at the place you want it to be, then mark a pencil-dot at each notch. Set the piece aside, and install your wall hangers at the obvious distance below the pencil dots. Then hang the piece. All done.